Breathe when every pathway inside your body seems to be closing
Breathe when your legs are shaking and there seems to be nothing under your feet
Breathe when you feel like a giant rock is crushing your chest and throat


Not against the closing walls or the crushing rock
Breathe where there is some openness, the tiniest openness, some backdoor alley for the breath to move through and get to your lungs, to your heart, to your blood, to your cells
Then breathe out
And let the breath in again…

When you feel like there is no opening at all, feel again…
Be aware, in your body, with the breath
Let it find the way

Soften the walls of your body…
Soften your skin, soften your muscles, soften your bones, soften every cell membrane

Soften your energy field if you feel it closing in
Let it expand…

Notice what wants to contract
Sense and feel
What can support now

Maybe a warm hand
Maybe your bare feet on the ground

Ask and let the answer come

Keep softening, releasing and breathing
With patience
Keep letting the breath reach every corner that is ready to receive

Feel into new spaces in your body, where you’ve never breathed through before, and let the breath move through them. The back of the throat, the side of your chest, along your spine, behind your gut

Breathe with no effort, no pressure
Only softness and awareness

Notice how stillness feels more palpable now

You may meet the deep wounds of trust and safety
Breathe through this painful meeting…

Slowly, patiently, lovingly, care-fully

This is your ground

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