I am a yoga practitioner and teacher, biodynamic craniosacral practitioner, mover and movement teacher. I’ve been exploring movement and consciousness for many years and in my sessions I am offering space for awakening awareness in the body, healing, and embodying more presence, freedom, peace, and deep inner knowing.

My focus is multi-sensory dynamic open listening, which facilitates communication with the deeper layers of our being and encourages movement, information and healing to arise effortlessly. My passion is supporting conscious embodiment – awake sensitive presence in the body – co-creating with those who are on a conscious path of self-knowing.

In the past I have collaborated and created work as a dancer, since 2005 I have been teaching yoga and movement and since 2009 I have also been offering gentle touch body-work. My education includes biodynamic craniosacral therapy with masterful practitioners from around the world (at Body Intelligence), Feldenkrais based body-work (ILM), Classical yoga teacher training, Structural yoga therapy training, Yoga for women teacher training and studies with masters of various schools of hatha and raja yoga, Energy healing techniques, extensive Dance studies, Choreography, and a BA in Humanities and Far-east studies.

 Sharing my practice with passionate explorers has been joyful and heart-opening. You are warmly invited to contact me if this work-play speaks to you.


תמונה - מליסה

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