From the moment of conception, throughout pregnancy and childhood, we embody the forces of great fluidity and intense growth and change. These forces of life and healing are extremely present and available in small babies. They are great teachers of transformation and balance… When meeting babies in Biodynamic touch we are offering them this recognition of their own powers.

Touch in biodynamic craniosacral is offered to babies as support for processing experiences from pregnancy and birth, for feeling more safety and ease, for maturing the young systems of the body, and more. It is known to bring relief and positive change to babies with difficulties feeding, digesting, sleeping and developing, while promoting their well being as a whole. It does so with the most gentle, light and respectful contact, holding space for their system to reorganize itself in better ways.

Biodynamic touch is wonderful for supporting the sacred bond of mother and baby in their continuing synergistic relationship beyond pregnancy. I highly recommend a shared process for mothers and babies. It may be done by contacting both together while the baby is held, feeding, sleeping, enjoying being with his or her mother. It may also be done by having a few sessions for the mother and the baby separately, an option that allows more comprehensive support for mothers after giving birth. 

I welcome babies to my sessions with love. It’s an absolute honor to meet them in this special way.

In-person sessions are held in my private practice in Israel.

  To book an in-person session or a Distance Session, please contact me here

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