Biodynamic craniosacral therapy is a meditation of embodiment. Its undeniable healing capacity is interwoven with coming home to peace within ourselves. This meditation, facilitated and supported by feather-like touch, is a space for physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or, in other words – whole human – well being.

Biodynamic craniosacral perceives the human organism through the eyes of a spectator observing a wondrous, beautiful, genius, dynamic, living creation unfolding and becoming before our eyes. This appreciative honoring gaze seems to “give permission” to the body to express itself more fully and freely, continue or complete processes that were maybe shut down, distorted or suppressed, and express more wholeness, inclusion, new experiences, connectedness and communication.

Every meeting between two beings can be a conscious co-creation of a sacred space for healing, awakening to deeper awareness, expansion of consciousness. A meeting in the relational field of biodynamic craniosacral is just that. In the relational field there is a shared living experience. What each being brings to that experience creates a singular unique event, which, in my humble experience, affects not just the two human beings in that room, but reaches far beyond it.

There is a recognition of independence, inner wisdom and health, responsibility and self love when coming to this unique relational field, as it is a space in which one’s own inner healer is recognized and awakened, and one’s own journey to balance and well being is being honored, uninterruptedly.

In biodynamic craniosacral we come to meet our stillness. We come to meet our being-ness. We come to touch, sense, feel, acknowledge the experience of being alive in physical form. We come to deepen and expand our body awareness, and discover and appreciate the magnificence of this form, its freedom and fluidity as much as its structure.

We come to re-member, re-turn to the experience of being a member of a whole, a collective, one, breath of Life. There by, remembering being never alone, separated.

We come to un-chain stories and patterns that are deeply embedded in our body, which shape our perceptions, sensations and feelings of limitation, depression, loneliness and more debilitating experiences. We come to open a door to a new self perception. We practice becoming. We practice being ok and curious in not knowing, opening doors to the vast unknown with its new possibilities within us.

In the expression of stillness, which biodynamic craniosacral greatly appreciates and facilitates, the body awakens to new balance and ease, from a cellular level to a whole body level. Communication paths that were blocked or twisted are re-opened, new pathways of communication are created, and an experience of more coherency in the body becomes available. The self re-ordering ever changing nature of the body creates endless ways to better well being if we only let it. That is exactly what this practice offers: a trusting touch, which allows our body to do its own magic.

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