Health is here, always. Our inner vibrant living ground can be found and cultivated at any moment. Our rivers of life energy can be found and empowered to flow vigorously in our bodies, our hearts and our minds.

The biodynamic relational field vibrates this knowing, and provides deep support for our inner stillness and wisdom to expand and shine through. These sessions touch our bodies of light, and through them they permeate our physical forms.

In distance sessions the relational field is energetically created and maintained with neutral presence of sensitive awareness. In this field I am present with the subtle expressions of health, of breath, of life. In this field the body is free to express and change with no interruption, finding the best choices and ways to be. Together with your awareness, this can be powerful support for healing and transforming.

Similarly to hands-on sessions, there may be resources and practices that come up as support for that time. It is always your choice how and how much you expand and deepen your process of healing and change.

These sessions are held via skype and zoom. They are an hour long.

  To book a session please contact me here

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