To be healers we don’t need to stand above another

We don’t need to know all about them

We don’t need to tell them anything about themselves

We don’t need to teach them anything

We don’t need to, we cannot, heal them.

To be healers we are required to be the ones who allow ourselves to heal

The ones who open all our forms to the purest light

And let ourselves be transformed

Into what we already are

At the seed of creation.

To be healers we are required to unleash the truth of who we are

Set it free

Let it build new tissues, organs

A new body

Let it live fully in every breath.

So that we can look into another’s eyes and not know

So that we can be with them

Love all of them

See, hear, touch their suffering

And their joy.

So that we can participate in the sacredness of creating and upholding

A space for remembering and awakening

Of wisdom and powers in another

A space for the creativity of their own healing.

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