This guided self-healing is for when you feel well-resourced. Resourced enough to care for more vulnerable parts of yourself.

If you feel able and wanting to allow hidden emotions and currents to be uncovered, if you feel you can and want to provide a safe loving inner space for parts of you who may be experiencing hurt, pain, loneliness, abandonment or neglect, this guidance might be of service to your healing freedom journey.

Self care also means knowing to stop if what you are experiencing feels too much. It means knowing to use the tools you have to make this process right for you. It means taking a break, a breath, a glass of water, some movement/dancing/singing maybe, when you feel it is needed.

When you prepare your inner space, sensing your awareness, let your wisdom, your light, your loving heart inform and infuse it to the fullest, so that you, as awareness, can truly be ready as a sacred space to embrace, comfort, and heal.

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