Guided meditations are a natural part of my private sessions and classes. These meditative journeys are focused on traveling through the richness of subtle rhythms, energies and multiple consciousnesses of the body. For re-membering forgotten and undiscovered parts of our self, for sensing and feeling our self as part of creation’s unity, for a more expansive sense of wholeness, peace, connection, innate life forces, wisdom and well-being.

There are of course many ways to meditate… many techniques and practices. What I offer are pathways to a broader, closer, more intimate relationship with the body, and with parts of ourselves and our lives which are coming through in the body. 

Meditation is a creation of a sacred space where we can meet – our breath, our movement, our hearts, our cell consciousness, our every part – in physical form, in energy, in spirit. It is in this space that we can connect with our deeper wisdom, heal, transmute, transform, balance, create. 

Whether you are coming for a craniosacral session or an exploration through yoga and movement practices, the ground of a session is always creating this inner sacred space.

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