We are constantly embodying. Just as much as we are constantly creating. We can embody unconsciousness, non-awareness, separation, avoidance, absence, and we can embody awareness, conscious connection, light, powerful forces of living.
Being awake in our body means endless journeying. Just like being awake in our life.
Embodiment means accessing resources, treasures, which nourish and ground us, teach and remind us more of who we are.
When we breathe with the oceans through our own inner ocean of fluid breath we dissolve known structures and limitations. We go beyond fear into our sense of vastness and freedom. When we embody our skin we learn communication and boundary, commitment and flexibility, inside and outside our perceived personal space, we can sense and recognize our choices as unique entities within the whole, we can realize peace and balance within the realm of duality in which we are both the one and the many.
The gifts of this journey are immense and transforming. As we travel as presence through our bodies we tap into secret keys, unlocking our ability to shift states of being, witness our experience consciously, experience safety and support enough to open more into stillness. There we can meet ourselves, hear our guidance, see our life and dreams with more clarity.
When we walk this path of presence in the body we consciously bring the heart’s and spirit’s gifts to it. And through the body back to life. The passage becomes clearer and clearer for wisdom to come through our dense forms and awaken more of their inherent intelligence. Through embodiment we are consciously becoming more and more loving awareness in our bodies.

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