Yoga is union. A way of One-ness. Conscious breathing, moving, being in the sacred space of our own heart. On and off our magic carpet we can tune in to the depths of our stillness, the mysterious, lush, vital, endless presence of Life. In yoga we can find alignment of our bodies, our many dimensions. We can find peace.

Saying ‘Yoga’ is like saying ‘Life’….  It encompasses everything we are as spirit in form. It is meditation, it is flow, it is stillness, it is food for the body-mind-heart-soul, it is a choice to do no harm, to find unity in separation, to awaken to who we are in this moment and beyond this moment.

In this time on earth the yoga world has become richly diverse and inclusive of the many paths we as practitioners each choose and craft within it. This allows freedom and creativity, a natural flow of treasure-finding through intimacy of every body’s own experience with their own practice.

This flow of yoga which is continuing through the ages, through the breaths, sweat, heart openings, care and elation of practitioners all over this planet, is a marvel of human spirit and body. Its consistency is solid ground, where rooting yields magical fruits of healing, wisdom and light.

I hope your yoga practice in whatever form it manifests is alive, serving your health and whole well-being.

My practice is an introspective, slow, breath-full, dynamic experience of stillness and movement. It promotes self care and love, freedom of movement and a sense of deep connection within our bodies. Each practice is fresh and new, it can be invigorating, detoxifying, calming, restoring, centering, grounding, uplifting…. I see it as a continuous act of awareness. In my teaching I share a blend, a flow, that keeps evolving, from over twenty years of personal practice and exploration, with influences from the worlds of movement exploration, release techniques, klein technique, biodynamics, and energy work.

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