I offer in-person sessions for women in my private practice in Israel. A session is about an hour long, it is done fully clothed, lying down on a massage table (if you have any restrictions and prefer sitting or any other comfortable posture, that’s also possible). During this time I place my hands very lightly, not pressing or moving, on different places along the body, listening and being present with what the body chooses to process and express. Usually hands-on time lasts less than a whole hour and is guided by the body’s process and sense of completion. Number and frequency of sessions is individual and can be formed together as we proceed.

During a session, a big array of experiences can be had, such as tingling, heaviness or lightness, flow, deep stillness, temperature changes, seeing images and colors, emotions and new understandings. Some of these experiences can be extremely pleasant and exciting, others can be challenging and take some intention and focus to move through with softness and ease. It may also take a few sessions before anything of this sort is felt at all. This doesn’t mean that “nothing happens”… Sometimes healing happens on a deep unconscious level and it takes time for awareness to notice and sense it. Everybody is different and has their own process and experience. Change may be felt after a few days, a few sessions, and sometimes change is felt immediately.

Biodynamic Craniosacral doesn’t diagnose disease nor does it focus on symptoms. It perceives the body as a whole continuum of life and health. It trusts and witnesses the body’s inherent wisdom and powers, and does not interfere with its rhythm and process.

When we choose to come to a biodynamic craniosacral session we choose to trust our own body and to let it express what wishes to be expressed through it. By letting go of expectation we free our system to naturally prioritize and choose new manifestations of health in a safe and profound way.

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